POWERKLEEN DG / LF: Non-Solvent Low-foaming Metal Degreasing Compound


POWERKLEEN  DG / LF  is a 100%  foamless,  heavy-duty  metal degreasing  agent in powder form.   It is ideally suited for non-solvent  degreasing operations on all types  of  metals. 

Made  to our proprietary formulation,   POWERKLEEN DG is not only  efficient,   but  far  more  economical  than  solvent degreasing  agents  which  are  based  on  costly  petroleum products.

The  product is designed for use at a concentration  of between  5 - 25 gm per litre of water,  depending  upon  the degree  of  soilage and grease.  Use of hot  water,  coupled with  water agitation, ultrasonic or physical, enhances  the performance.