SciTech Corporation was founded in 1983 by an MIT trained chemical engineer. We manufacture innovative high-performance chemical specialties targeted mainly towards the industrial market.

In the industrial sector, our continuously expanding range of BFC Series Metal Finishing Compounds for the metal fabricating industry, is one of  the leading and preferred brands in India.  These compounds are used for deburring, finishing and polishing operations on metal components in vibratory and centrifugal mass finishing machines.  Our superior and constantly improving innovative formulas, combined with unbeatable personalized customer support and service, has won us a loyal and growing customer base.  Our customized services have helped even the most demanding customers achieve the best possible results within their cost and performance parameters.

For the industrial and institutional markets we manufacture a range of specialised cleaners, degreasers, rust inhibitors, detergents, bleaching agents, disinfectants and polishes. Our customer base includes leading Indian industrial firms and 5-star hotels. In the household products category, we have some "firsts" to our credit - we were the first company in India to market spray & wipe cleaners; first with liquid laundry detergent for washing machines; first with automatic dishwasher detergent and rinse aid.   

Over the years our products and our company have developed an excellent reputation for quality, service, reliability and integrity.

We welcome inquiries for custom development and manufacture of products for specific industrial and institutional applications.