SciTech Corporation is India's leading manufacturer of metal surface finishing compounds for use in mass-finishing machines. Our BFC Series surface finishing compounds, offer a new level of performance for metal components in all finishing machines. The BFC compounds are used for these applications and many more:

Machines Applications Industries Metals
Mass Finishing Descaling Automotive Ferrous
Barrel Finishing Degreasing Bearings Stainless
Tumbling Barrel Cutting Electricals Aluminium
Vibrating Barrel Deburring Electronics Brass
Centrifugal Barrel Radiusing Surgical Copper
Conveyor Vibrator Smoothening Watch Zinc
Burnishing Jewellery Mazak
Mirror-finishing Hardware

We look forward to receiving details of your finishing requirements, so that we may recommend a suitable BFC compound from our range, or customize-design one to meet your specific requirements.Our technical service representatives are available for demonstrations and discussions, or to help you optimize your finishing process using our in-house machines.

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