Descaling, deburring and polishing are the main pre-treatment processes for metal components in tumbling, vibrating, centrifugal or conveyor mass finishing machines.

  • Heavy or mild scaling on ferrous and non-ferrous castings can easily be removed using abrasive or non-abrasive finshing compounds.
  • Castings, stamped sheet-metal components and machined components can be deburred and polished using finishing compounds formulated for the specific metal e.g. aluminium, zinc, etc.
  • Ferrous and steel components can be derusted, brightened and given long-lasting rust protection with finishing compounds formulated with rust inhibitors.
  • Copper and Brass components can be deoxidized and brightened, using mass finishing, leaving them with pleasing, natural colour-tones.

Our finishing compounds are used daily by our customers in the applications listed below:

Auto Components | Bearings | Hand Tools | Hardware | Cutlery and Metal Tableware | Watch Industry | Jewelery Manufacturing | Surgical Instruments | Dental Products | Electrical/Electronic Components

Auto Components

Components finished by our customers include engine-component/fuel- system castings such as carburetors, brake system components, lighting system components, lock components, instrumentation, fasteners, brackets.


The BFC Series compounds are used extensively by bearing manufacturers for deburring and polishing a variety of bearing components including cages, casings, pins, rollers and balls fabricated in a variety of metals.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are manufactured by casting, forging and machining a variety of metals. Steps in their manufacture include descaling, deburring and polishing, all of which are well accomplished using BFC Compounds in vibratory and centrifugal mass finishing machines.


The household and industrial hardware industry encompasses a wide range of products including locks, door and window handles, hinges, brackets, screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners, castors which are commonly finished in mass finishing machines using our BFC Compounds.

Cutlery and Metal Tableware

Knives, forks, spoons and other metal tableware are finished in mass finishing machines using our BFC Compounds.

Watch Industry

Watch cases, precision watch components, metal watch-strap components.

Jewelery Manufacturing

Deoxidizing, deburring and polishing of manufactured cast jewellery in both precious and non-precious metals.

Sugical Instruments

Scalpels, scalpel handles, forceps and a wide variety of stainless steel and special-alloy instruments and medical implants and prostheses (artificial joints, etc.).

Dental Products

Various metal dental components in stainless steel, alloys, gold and silver.


Electrical / electronic components and contacts in a wide variety of metals including brass, copper, silver.

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