Almost all cast, stamped or machined metal components require some level of additional finishing, from simple smoothening, to precision dimensioning, to mirror-surfacing, depending on their end-use. In today's quality-conscious, competitive business environment, this finishing process has become a critical step in the manufacture of virtually every product and component.

Our BFC Series Barrel Finishing Compounds, offer a new level of performance in all mass finishing machines, whether conventional tumbling barrel or modern vibratory/centrifugal. They have been specially formulated to produce the most superior finish in the fewest number of operations, at the lowest cost-to-performance ratio. For you, as a manufacturer, this means a better finished metal component at a lower cost -- factors directly translating to higher sales and profits.

The BFC Series range includes liquid and powder compounds for general use on all metals, as well as specialized liquid and powder compounds for specific metals and/or specific applications. The BFC Series compounds have several applications and functions such as descaling, degreasing, cutting, deburring, radiusing, smoothening, burnishing and mirror-finishing, thereby allowing all metals to be appropriately finished to make full use of their natural tonality and lustre. In addition, the compounds enhance media-to-metal contact efficiency, retard media consumption and prevent redeposition of microscopic particles of metal and media. They contain special cleaning, degreasing, brightening and rust-inhibiting agents, resulting in optimum, long-lasting, smear-free finishing, in minimal time, with the fewest number of repetitive operations and at substantial cost savings over competitive products, whether local or imported.

Our commitment to excellence in our products continues in our concerns for the environment and the world we live in. When used as directed, all our products are safe in the work-place, biodegradable and eco-friendly, and in their diluted use-concentrations may normally be directly disposed to the sewer without further pre-treatment.

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