SWIPE -- India's first and best spray and wipe cleaner. Unlike similar products which are effective only on glass, Swipe is specially formulated as a genuine all-purpose cleaner. It is remarkably effective not only on glass, but also on plastics, laminates, tiles, basins, chrome, stainless steel, painted metal/woodwork/walls, appliances .... and more! For instant cleaning of fingerprints, dirt, grease and grime on almost any surface, just spray and wipe with Swipe. No messy dilution or rinsing with water is required. So economical, it costs less than one paisa per square foot cleaned. Perfect for instant cleaning in homes, offices, beauty parlours, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, institutions, industries. It is the ideal pre-packing cleaner for manufacturers of household appliances, audio-video products, electronic equipment including computers and computer peripherals. SWIPE is available in environment-friendly 500 ml refillable finger-pump spray bottles and 1 litre and 5 litre refill packs.

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