Proprietary  flake/powder  formulation  of  surfactants,  builders, brightners corrosion inhibitors & abrasives.  Grey to greyish-black colour. Highly alkaline pH.  Medium foaming.   Biodegradable.


Specially developed for general purpose, extra-heavy duty use in descaling, degreasing, cutting & deburring operations on all metals in vibratory, tumbling & centrifugal barrel finishing machines. Added abrasive intensifies the descaling, cutting & grinding effects of ceramic media.



2 - 50 gm/litre of water together with appropriate media, or as per machine manufacturers suggestions.  Deionised/demineralised water essential for optimum results.



All safety procedures, as applicable to strong alkalies, must be followed. Powder will cause caustic burns. Avoid skin contact.  Protective gloves & spectacles advisable.  In case of eye or skin contact, flush thoroughly with water.  If ingested drink plenty of water and consult a doctor. Non-flammable.  Diluted, oil-skimmed & filtered spent solution may be disposed to sewer without further treatment.


 HDPE woven lined gunny bags of net 30 Kg.




Minimum order of 1 x 30 Kg.  Despatch within 7 days of receipt of order. Delivery charges to customer's works at Bombay or transporter's godown at Bombay will be charged extra at actuals at our discretion. Transport charges from Bombay  to out of Bombay destinations extra on "TO PAY" basis by transporter of our choice (Generally V-trans Ltd. or Patel Roadways).


Payment terms ? In advance against our proforma invoiceAll payments will be by RTGS Electronic transfer or bank draft payable at Bombay or by Bombay cheque


Prices, specifications, packings, terms & conditions subject to change without notice. The prices, terms & conditions contained herein, supersede all previous ones.

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